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The Fried Taco Menu

This menu may vary based on seasonal availability etc.

Fried Tacos

Our tacos are all stuffed with 1/4 of meat then fried to crispy perfection

Brisket Taco (Most Popular) image

Brisket Taco (Most Popular)

Savory shredded brisket and potato bits topped with house white bbq sauce, cheddar cheese and purple sriracha slaw.

Caribbean Jerk Taco image

Caribbean Jerk Taco

Chicken slow simmered in Caribbean Jerk spices, then mixed with sweet potato bits and topped with house mango salsa

Old Fashioned Ground Beef Taco  image

Old Fashioned Ground Beef Taco

Seasoned ground beef and potato bits with cheddar, fried and topped with sour cream, lettuce and tomato

*Cheese is mixed into the meat and cannot be taken out

Chicken Taco  image

Chicken Taco

Marinated chicken slow simmered with potato bits, then shredded and fried. Topped with Monterey Jack cheese

Nashville Hot Chicken Taco image

Nashville Hot Chicken Taco

Chicken slow simmered in cayenne and other spices, then shredded and fried and then topped with house blueberry crema, shredded pepperjack and pickle relish

Pork Taco  image

Pork Taco

Slow simmered shredded pork and potato bits fried inside a crispy shell and topped with cheddar cheese

BBQ Jackfruit Taco  image

BBQ Jackfruit Taco

Shredded jackfruit sautéed in bbq spices then fried and topped with broccoli slaw

*Ask us if you would like it prepared in a vegan fryer

Taco of the Month

A rotating taco every month


Empanadas ingredients are stuffed inside a flour based dough and then deep fried in a dedicated gluten fryer and served with dipping sauce

Beef Empanada

Puerto Rican style picadillo ground beef and cheddar cheese

Served with house dill sauce

Chipotle Chicken Bacon Ranch Empanada

Shredded chipotle seasoned chicken and bacon bits

Served with house chipotle ranch dip

Apps and Sides

White Queso with Chorizo

Creamy white queso topped with mild crumbled chorizo and cheddar shreds

Served with bottomless fresh fried tortilla chips

Gluten Free

Mango Guacamole & Chips

House made mango guacamole with fresh fried bottomless tortilla chips

Gluten Free

Yuca Fries

From the cassava plant, yuca is a dense, starchy, chewy fry seasoned and served with house mayo ketchup

Gluten Free
Vegan without sauce


Unripened plantains double fried and squashed into large circles

Served with house mayo ketchup

Gluten Free
Vegan without sauce

Cali Fries (Edmond Location)

French fries with cali spices

Served with house mayo ketchup

Gluten Free
Vegan without sauce

Puerto Rican Rice & Beans (Arroz con Gandules image

Puerto Rican Rice & Beans (Arroz con Gandules

Seasoned rice with ham bits and olives

Entrees & Specials

Puerto Rican Rice Bowls  image

Puerto Rican Rice Bowls

Puerto Rican arroz con gandules with mango guacamole, pickled red onions, clilanto, choice of meat and sauce, served with two tostones

Gluten Free

Cali Burrito (Edmond Location) image

Cali Burrito (Edmond Location)

Huge 14" tortilla filled with seasoned asada steak, mango guacamole, cheddar cheese, and cali fries.

Served with warm red salsa and fresh fried tortilla chips

Carne Asada Fries (Edmond Location) image

Carne Asada Fries (Edmond Location)

Fresh fried cali fries topped with seasoned carne asada, mango guacamole, avocado tomatillo crema, onion, tomato, cilantro and cotija cheese

Quesadillas (Edmond Location)

Cheese Quesadilla

8" flour tortilla stuffed with three cheese blend, served cut into four triangles

Meat Quesadillas  image

Meat Quesadillas

Choice of any taco meat with three cheese blend, stuffed inside an 8" flour tortilla, served in four triangles


Apples n' Cream Empanada (Most Popular)

Caramel apples stuffed inside a crispy fried empanada and drizzled with caramel, served with whipped cream

Cinnamon Churros  image

Cinnamon Churros

Four churros sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and drizzled with chocolate or caramel

House S'mores (Edmond Location) image

House S'mores (Edmond Location)

Seasonal selection of house made s'mores served table side with fire and sticks!

Non Alcoholic Drinks

Coconut Lavender Lemonade (Most Popular)

Our wildly popular house lemonade with a coconut water base, freshly prepared lavender simple syrup, lemons and sugar

Coconut Mango Hibiscus Lemonade

Coconut based fresh lemonade with freshly steeped mango hibiscus syrup

Mango Hibiscus Sweet Tea

Sweet tea infused with mango hibiscus syrup

Caribbean Cream Soda image

Caribbean Cream Soda

Made with Coco Rico coconut soda, cream and your choice of lemonade

Fountain Drinks

Coke products at Edmond location, Pepsi and Stubborn Soda products at midtown OKC location

Alcoholic Beverages (Edmond Location)

The Collective bar is available at the OKC location

Mango Margarita (Most Popular)

Mango margarita served on the rocks or frozen made with mango puree and super smooth Cuervo 1800 Coconut Tequila

House Margarita

Freshly squeezed lime, agave syrup and Cuervo Silver tequila

Habanero Ginger Margarita

Margarita made with Dolce Vida Pineapple Jalapeño tequila and ginger simple syrup

Beach Bliss

Malibu Coconut Rum and choice of coconut lavender lemonade or coconut mango hibiscus lemonade

Draft Beer Selection

Bottled Beer Selection

Gluten Free Spacerveza Mexican Lager

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